From the Dornan Family

We purchased our first ever wakeboard boat from Darren in 2008. We couldn't have been happier with the education he provided us about the details and specs in a type of boat we had no experience with. He walked us through all of the features, explained the key differences between our runabout and a wakeboard style boat, and was very helpful with all of our questions. In the end, buying a boat from Darren was a simple decision! Our experience went beyond the initial purchase, however. The service support we have received from his shop has been unparalleled by any shop in the Seattle area, based on our experiences, and it is the service department that can make or break a boat owner's experience with ownership! Our family is very grateful to have met and become friends with Darren!

From the Beliveau Family

Hi Darren,

I was just in the store to pick up my cover and started thinking on the drive home how much I have appreciated doing business with you. Since the first day we walked in interested in a boat, the way you have conducted business has been outstanding. You’ve been super helpful, great to deal with and have followed-through on every aspect.

You had mentioned working to build a “family” atmosphere at NWI and I think you have succeeded. You have certainly created a NWI promoter in me.

Thanks and keep up the winning combination.


From a happy Supra owner!

I wanted take the time to say thank you for the time, skill, and efforts that Zac has made to land us as a customer. We recently purchased a new Supra from your team. Zac was simply outstanding. His knowledge of watersports, the depth he has on the boats made a huge difference.

I cannot imagine being more prepared for our fist solo ride this weekend.

Zac is the core reason we purchased the boat from your team.